Prop 1 Passes! Thanks to All the YES Voters!

Last night brought a a big victory for Olympia Parks and all Olympians!

Proposition 1 to establish a Metropolitan Park District got 56.5% of the votes in last night’s election–a big loud YES for parks. November 5¬†UPDATE: More votes are coming in–we are up to 58%

Thanks to everyone who supported the campaign, waved signs, doorbelled, posted and hosted yard signs, wrote Letters to the Editor, spoke out at City Council meetings, talked to their neighbors, “liked” and “shared” on YesOlympiaParks Facebook page, asked questions, got informed, and voted YES.

Special extra thanks to Cristiana Figueroa-Kaminsky and Allen Miller, co-chairs of the Yes Olympia Parks campaign, for their outstanding leadership and positive energy all the way–a truly inspiring duo and asset to the City of Olympia.

Onward for the LBA Woods Park! We are continuing our campaign at full speed to save all of the LBA Woods as parkland.