The Olympian Supports Prop 1 –So Should You

On October 25, the editorial board of The Olympian announced its support for Proposition 1, which establishes a Metropolitan Park District for our capital city. You can read all their good reasons here on our “In the News” page.

It is going to be a nice rainy weekend, so you’ll have time to read the article, visit if you lingering questions about why you should vote YES on Prop 1, if you want to read the ordinance itself, if you want to pick through the list of our supporters and endorsers to find your neighbors’ and best friends’ names. You can also visit the YesOlympiaParks Facebook page and watch our “I Bark for Parks” videos and see photos of all our fantastic supporters and Prop 1 campaigners in action.

Or, you can just vote YES–knowing that a incredibly large and energetic team of park supporters and civic-minded citizens across all quadrants of Olympia have been working tirelessly to make sure Prop 1 is the best way to support our parks now and in the future.

Don’t forget to drop your ballot off in one othe boxes around town (the list of boxes is included with your ballot) or put a first-class stamp on it and get it postmarked by November 3. Do NOT leave your ballot unopened. Do NOT leave your ballot on the pile of newspapers to be recycled. Do NOT leave your ballot on the passenger seat in your car, tucked into the windshield visor, or in your backpack or manpurse. You will feel awful if you do.

We need Prop 1 to pass to make LBA Woods Park a reality. We need 50% of the vote plus one vote to pass Prop 1. Do the math. It’s easy: Your vote could be that one vote to give us a victory. And by “us” we mean you. We mean the people of Olympia. We mean all the people, from near and far, who enjoy our first-class parks.

Vote YES on Prop 1. You’ll sleep better at night.