Two Talented Scientists Lead Sunday’s Walk

You don’t want to miss this Sunday’s walk in the LBA Woods! It’s from 9-11:30 and will be lead by a dynamic duo.

Ted Thomas, the extremely knowledgeable raconteur and botanist/biologist/ecologist (USFWS, freshly retired) will be your guide. Ted has been walking in the LBA Woods for decades and knows the trails, plant community, and ecology of the woods well.

He’ll be joined by Jawad Frangieh, who is savvy with iNaturalist app we’ll be using to collect data on the ¬†walk. Jawad is currently serving in AmeriCorps with the USFWS as a Conservation Educator and Scientist and uses iNaturalist for fun and for organizing citizen scientist projects like the LBA Woods Project. Jawad will be on hand to answer questions, help you record your observations, and troubleshoot.

Using iNaturalist is fun and easy to use but it is not a requirement of joining this walk. If you would like to learn how to use the app and be part of the LBA Woods project, go to the ¬†iNaturalist website to create an account, download the free app to your phone. You can use the app on Sunday’s walk and any time you’re out in the woods on your own.

This walk will be on trails in the eastern side of the park–new for those of you who joined any of our last three guided walks this spring.

Meet in the east (main) parking lot of LBA Park on Morse-Merryman Rd. SE Olympia at 9 a.m. for this fascinating morning appreciating, understanding, and documenting the wonders of the woods.

Everyone is welcome and the event is rain or shine.