A New Connection for LBA Woods: Gardening and Nature (April 10)

A New Connection for LBA Woods:  Gardening and Nature

We are working to forge links with individuals and organizations active in our area who are concerned with local food production and distribution and promoting the health of the community through gardening and the benefits of eating locally produced foods.

We are in conversations with Edible Forest Gardens and officials of the Veterans Conservation Corps who recognize the potential of LBA Woods as a place of healing and an opportunity to work with the larger community to create these gardens and help maintain the trails for everyone’s enjoyment. LBA Woods and the open-ground areas bordering the trees offer a not-to-be-missed opportunity for community building, health, and recreation for everyone. Come join the Coalition and save this bountiful community asset!

How to support this new part of our vision for saving the LBA Woods:

  • Help at one of the upcoming events, above.
  • Write to City Council, The Olympian, and other outlets to say you approve of the community garden idea and support this complementary use of the land. And that we need to Save LBA Woods as part of the package.
  • Talk with your friends and neighbors, especially those interested in local food production, food security, and food’s role in community building, to help link support for those issues with saving the LBA Woods.
    If you are a member of any group interested in local food issues or about the healing power of gardening and nature, the LBA Woods Park Coalition would like the opportunity to come talk with your group. Please contact us at contact@savelbawoods.org