Words for the Woods (Dec 12)

We had a great turnout at the November 18 City Council Meeting. Thank you all for your support, passion and thoughtful words! Here is just a small sample:

“Everybody needs the LBA Woods. We need it for our sanity, for our environment…it is a beautiful place to de-stress, to become human again.”

“LBA Woods… we consider a precious patch of paradise… It is a wonderful place to walk… It gives you such an uplifting feeling. It just improves your life.”

“Cities over the long haul, in large measure, define themselves and secure their future by the care they take of their amenities, their assets, their public amenities, and not least their natural value.”

“What you have here is something really valuable. You’ve got a group of people…who have shown their commitment to keep this place clean and managed and the trails maintained at no expense to the city…Think about LBA Woods not as “Do we want to buy this land?” but as “Do we want to enable this community of stewardship?”

“I love my home and my community…We want it [Olympia] to continue to be absolutely exemplary in every way, and just a model for all communities. Towards that end I believe there are several things that we can do and one them is to preserve our green spaces. LBA Woods is a little jewel among other jewels.”

“Nature is something that endures as a value and is something that Olympia values very dearly.”

“This possibility of it being conserved is a great hope of mine for my family and all families to come.”