iNaturalist Comes to the LBA Woods


The Friends of LBA Woods is organizing an all-community iNaturalist project to document, share, and celebrate the biodiversity in the upland forest.

We will be handing out information on how you can join this exciting project during Arbor Day this Saturday (March 17). We hope you’ll catch the “nature bug” and record your observations of birds, insects, trees, plants, moss, fungus, and more on our upcoming guided walks (TBA) and on your own rambles over the seasons.

The Arbor Day schedule is packed from 9-3:30 but we may have time to sneak in a few observations and practice using the iNaturalist app during the self-guided nature walks. Maria Ruth (Friends of LBA Woods) will be at Arbor Day to explain the project and to answer your questions.

Interested? Go to inaturalist.orgĀ to learn more, create an account, download the app to your phone, and join our “LBA Woods” project.

Don’t have a smart phone? Not app savvy? No worries! Come along for the fun of learning what’s in our woods from the biodiversity experts on our walks this spring, summer, fall, and winter. We’ll need all eyes and ears to help point out what the heads-down, smart-phone crowd is missing!