“Philosopher” Comes to LBA Woods


Great news from the Olympia Arts Commission!

At the July 13, 2017 meeting of the Olympia Arts Commission, Commissioners reviewed the proposed gift of artist Kevin Au’s Philosopher (above), a steel sculpture that was part of the 2016 Percival Plinth Project. It has been the recent practice of the Arts Commission to place Percival Plinth competition winners in public spaces–often parks.

The Commission recommended placement at LBA Park, just outside the entrance to the LBA Woods, pairing the organic feeling of the work to the natural surroundings of the site. City Manager Steve Hall accepted the proposal on August 1. We will post more information about the installation of this sculpture in the coming weeks.

“Philosopher” by Kevin Au will be placed at the east entrance of the LBA Woods (as shown in this mock-up. Larger image coming soon!)

Says Au of his work: My sculptures are made with sheet metal. So far, I have utilized steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum. I would characterize my works as modern abstract organic. I like to keep the lines simple and fluid. I use computer 3D drafting to design the sculptures and develop patterns from it. The patterns are then transferred to metal, assembled, welded, grinded, and finished. Click here for more information on sculptor Kevin Au.

Thank you Dr. Au, Olympia Arts Commission, OPARD, and Steve Hall for bringing this beautiful artwork into the park. It will set just the right tone for a contemplative walk in the woods or a twisting and turning ramble on the woodland trails.