It’s now or never for expanding LBA park

LBA Woods supporter Bonnie Jacobs wrote a letter to the editor of the Olympian urging citizens to work with the city council to purchase the two parcels that comprise the LBA Woods, Trillium and Bentridge.

It’s now or never for expanding LBA park

A now-or-never opportunity is here for the citizens of Olympia. We can enlarge the LBA Park (off Boulevard Road). This land is for sale. The owner prefers to sell to the city; however, developers are waiting in the wings should we pass it up.

In August 2004 the voters in Olympia laid the ground work for this purchase. They passed a tax to buy land for parks and sidewalks. They realized that vacant land was disappearing and land needed to be bought soon. The LBA Woods Park is a classic example of why we voted for this tax.

Approximately 120,000 additional people are being planned for the county over the next 20 years. Where will the children play? Everything is special about this land. It is reasonably priced. It is huge – the last of its size in Olympia. It is unique in its amenities: Residents can ride the bus to playing fields, playgrounds, a large, beautiful wooded area, relatively flat for young families and seniors alike.

The LBA Woods Park Coalition, an amazing group of volunteers, see the benefits to future generations and the imperative to act now. The coalition is ready and willing to work with the city to make this park a reality. Please urge the city to work with the coalition to make it happen. It really is a case of now or never.

Show the city council your support by signing the petition and attending our all hands on deck meeting on May 27.