Thanks for a great kickoff

Thank you for being part of the LBA Woods Community Park Kickoff Event last week. It was encouragingto see such a great turnout and to hear your ideas on how to save the woods!

At least 150 people came to the meeting, and more than 70 attendees signed up for at least one item on the Volunteer To Do Lists  — everything from being willing to put up a yard sign to helping to collect signatures to being part of our core leadership group.    Whatever time and talents you have to spare, we want you to know that we appreciate how fabulous you are.  The LBA Woods Park Coalition is YOU!  We will be contacting many of you shortly as we move forward into organizing our volunteers into areas of similar tasks.

One important task we forgot to mention is to help with an email Newsletter—nothing fancy, probably just one page most of the time.  But it is important to keeping you and others informed about upcoming events and developments. Please let us know if you would be willing to help on the Newsletter.

Many of you also made generous donations to the cause.  Thank you!  We are busy paying bills already incurred, such as paying for the t-shirts and ordering yard signs.

T-shirts are still available ($15 each) and may be purchased directly from the Coalition, or you can pick one up at Score Used Sports Gear in Olympia.  And we are still accepting donations.  Please send checks for t-shirts (include size,) or for donations, made out to “LBA Woods Park Coalition” and send to same at PO Box 342, East Olympia, WA  98540.

Some of you were interested in getting a copy of our PowerPoint Presentation.  It’s available at:  Feel free to download it in PowerPoint or PDF format and share it with your friends and neighbors.

Happy Trails until we meet again!