Correspondence and Presentations

August 04 2014 Letter from LBA Woods Park Coalition to City Council re:  Draft Comprehensive Plan (Attachment 1, Attachment 2)

Information regarding the 2004 Voter Approved Utility Tax (VUT), a city-sponsored ballot measure which promised the acquisition of more than 500 acres of open space over the next 20 years.    To date, the city has acquired 53 acres.

LBA Woods Park Coalition PowerPoint presentation to City Finance Committee on June 11, 2014.

April 03 2014 Letter from LBA Woods Park Coalition to City Council re:   Potential Sale of Bentridge and Relationship to the 2010 Parks and Recreation Plan

April 13 2014 Letter from LBA Woods Park Coalition to City Council re:   Request for Study Session and Response to Council Concerns Regarding Stormwater, Traffic and Growth Management

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Metro nature – including trees, parks, gardens, and natural areas – enhance quality of life in cities and towns.  The experience of nature improves human health and well-being in many ways.  Nearly 40 years of scientific studies tell us how.


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How Cities Use Parks for Smart Growth


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