Construction, Creation, and Eradication


Construction: There is a lot of change coming to the LBA Woods in the coming months. Construction of the city’s new water tower will begin in this area on Monday, April 17. The five-acre city-owned construction site has been staked and flagged. During the construction, please be aware that the construction area, which is on the former “Trillium” section of the woods will be fenced off by orange construction fencing as plants are removed in advance of tree clearing. Some of the trails will be closed temporarily for safety.




Creation: The boundary of our new park has been officially marked with these Park Boundary signs. Just think: this could be a “Lots for Sale” signs (800 of them!) if we hadn’t save the woods! Boundless thanks to you all!



More Creation: Look at what’s blooming in the woods (April 13). Here’s a gallery of native flowering plants, small trees, and sword ferns (they call the new growth “fiddleheads” but don’t they look like sylvan seahorses?)


Eradication: And there’s the energetic, aggressive, misguided Yellow Archangel. This non-native invasive ground cover has taken over a large patch of the woods near the entrance from the Wilderness neighborhood on Frontier/Highline Drive. It is smothering native bleeding heart, ferns, and whatever else is underneath it. We know many park goers have been itching to get rid of this weed; now that this land is official park property–it’s ours! The Friends of LBA Woods will be hosting a work party on Saturday, April 29, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to tackle this weed with trowels and hand clippers. We’ll have some tools and gloves on hand, but feel free to bring your own. We are dedicated to eradication without using herbicides and so will need all the weed warriors we can get!  More details on the work party coming soon!