OLYSpeaks…and Sings!

You gotta love it!  Click here to see and hear the The Singing Parks Planner!

Jonathon Turlove, Associate Planner for Olympia Parks, Arts, and Recreation Department, takes his job very seriously…so seriously that he has put himself out there in this Facebook video to encourage all Olympians to comment on the 2016 Parks Plan by this Friday, Decemberf 11.

Jonathon is the Project Leader for the plan. It’s a great plan and you can read it and comment on it via www.olyspeaks.org.

Entering comments on Olyspeaks is a bit clunky but if you persist you can make it.

  1. Enter your e-mail address and come up with a password.
  2. Come up with a short title for your comments and type that in at the top on the line labeled “enter your idea here” and press Submit.
  3. A new line pops up labeled “Create a new idea.”
  4. Enter the text of your suggestion in the box below labeled “Description”.
  5. Choose “Parks” on the next line where it says “Select idea about”
  6. Enter your comments. You can also copy and paste your text (from a word document).
  7.  If nothing else, vote for the ideas you like best.